Hand Lettering Courses

Here are some recommended online hand lettering courses.

seanwes Learn Lettering Masterclass


All you ever wanted and need to know about the art and business of hand lettering.

The most comprehensive course on hand lettering including there is available.

Enroll here: LearnLettering.com


Skillshare Classes

All Skillshare class links below are affiliate links.

Radical Typography: What Do You Have to Say? with James Victore

james victore radical typography

Lettering Made Simple: Efficient Methods for Custom Type with Brandon Rike.

brandon rike skillshare

The Art of Lettering: Drawing Scripts by Hand with Neil Tasker.

neil tasker skillshare

Techniques for Lettering with Illustrator with Spencer Charles, Senior Designer at Louise Fili Ltd.

techniques for lettering

Layouts for Lettering: Hierarchy, Composition, and Type Systems with Jon Contino:


Introduction to Lettering: One Letterform at a Time with Jessica Hische:


The Final Steps of Hand-Lettering: Adding Color, Texture, and Finishing Touches with Mary Kate McDevitt.


The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch – with Mary Kate McDevitt.


The Art of Modern Calligraphy skillshare class – with Molly Jacques.

Digitizing Hand Lettering: From Sketch to Vector – with Sean McCabe

(Note this is now unavailable on Skillshare and is instead part of Sean’s highly recommended Learn Lettering Course.

digitizing hand lettering

Lettering: Learn to Draw Illustrative Words – with Neil Tasker


Logo Design: Let the Type Do the Talking – with Evan Huwa

Illustration and Lettering: A Hands-on Approach to Label Design – with Jon Contino

Learn the Ins and outs of Illustrator – with Brad Woodward

Hand-Drawn Typography 101: Create Your Own Font – with Kyle Steed

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